What To Look Forward To For Fall 2019

1. Mild weather

We get it, summer was amazing for sure and we’ve had great days of fun in the sun. Are you someone who likes the dry heat or are you a Spring/Fall weather lover. A little on the cool side but can still enjoy decent weather outside? Fall is the perfect time to check out the fair, busting out a new wardrobe, or just enjoying the crisp mornings!

2. Pumpkin Everything

Some people love pumpkin stuff. Others couldn’t care less about it. One thing s for sure, it is coming no matter what one’s opinions might be. Patches will be ready to be picked, pumpkin pie and pumpkin rolls will be everywhere you look, and all of that goopy sloppy mess will be strewn all over the place as you carve them. Are you looking forward to getting your creative carving skills on?

3. New Wardrobe

Those new boots are super cute and you’re dying to get them on. Have you been looking forward to a fresh start to your closet? Fall is here and wearing the right clothes can always be something to look forward to. Step up your fall fashion game and get shopping!

4. Decorations

You haven’t put up a decoration since the Fourth of July and it’s time to spice up the apartment. Do you go crazy and all out for the festive look or does the thought make you crazy? Fall is such a fun time to dust off the storage bins and recreate memories and welcome in the new season without having to leave the comfort of your home. Needing some inspiration for your place? Click here for some ideas this year!

5. Fun Fall Activities

Hayrides, spook alleys, chili cookoffs, corn mazes–the possibilities are endless! When this time of the year rolls around, there is still so much to do outside AND inside that, you won’t have enough time to do it all. Grab your loved one(s) and make a list of fun things you want to do this fall and start checking them off!