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how to make the perfect milkshake

How to Make the Perfect Milkshake

How to Make the Perfect Milkshake As we begin to move into the later parts of summer, you may find yourself realizing either that you simply haven’t eaten enough ice cream yet this summer, or that you’ve eaten a ton and need to “shake” things up a bit…

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7 Things To Do During the 7 Week Break

BYU-Idaho students, it’s time to celebrate because school is finally out and for the next 7 weeks it is officially summer. So what are you going to do to celebrate your time off? Here’s 7 suggestions to help you make the most of your break! 1. Binge Wa…

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5 Fun Things To Do on Fourth of July

The days are getting longer and hotter which means you can finally go out and cross off all those things on your summer bucket list. What better day to accomplish all your summer plans, than the Fourth of July. Not sure where to begin? Here’s 5 fun thi…

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Guide to Surviving Finals

With the semester finally coming to a close that can only  mean one thing–Finals. Finals are quickly approaching and stress and anxiety are coming on strong. But finals don’t have to be completely stressful. Here’s a guide to surviving finals to make…

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Top 5 Dessert Places In Rexburg

From time-to-time we all get a craving for something that’s a little sweet. So why not treat yourself? Here’s a breakdown of the top 5 dessert places in Rexburg. Go ahead, satisfy those cravings and quit worrying about the calories!   1.Karie Anne…

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Fun Desserts to Make for the 4th of July

Fourth of July is right around the corner which means its time to start planning on the fun Desserts you’ll be making for your holiday event! Here’s 8 tasty desserts that you’re going to love!   1. Flag cake You can’t go to a Fourth of July party…

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