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Beaver Dick Park Best Place to Camp In Rexburg

Best Places to Camp In Rexburg This Summer

What better way to spend the summer than out camping with friends and family? Rexburg is home to many indoor and outdoor activities, but there’s nothing like being under the stars next to a roaring campfire. We have found what we believe to be the best…

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Ways to Show Gratitude This Holiday Season

Here at the Village, we love the holiday season! It’s a fantastic opportunity to serve people in your local community and express the love you have for your friends, family, and neighbors. Here are 5 ways to show gratitude this holiday season. Complime…

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3 Reasons to Host a Pumpkin Carving Night

   1. Awesome way to get to know your neighbors! How well do you know your neighbors? Need an excuse to hang out with them? Invite everyone around you to a pumpkin carving night! You can swap ideas, chat while you cut – oh, and laugh together when they…

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What To Look Forward To For Fall 2019

1. Mild weather We get it, summer was amazing for sure and we’ve had great days of fun in the sun. Are you someone who likes the dry heat or are you a Spring/Fall weather lover. A little on the cool side but can still enjoy decent weather outside? Fall…

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