Valentine’s for Veterans

Valentine’s Day is a special day for many reasons. It’s a day to celebrate with loved ones and to show those around you how much you care for them. Common holiday occurrences are passing out Valentine’s cards to friends, secret admirers and family members. Here at The Village, we decided to join in on this special holiday by making valentine’s for veterans. However, we couldn’t do this task alone so went to some of the local elementary schools to see if they could help.  

Making a Tradition

Here at The Village, we wanted to let our residents and people in the community know how important family traditions and family values are to us. After contacting some local elementary schools, we were able to get classes from both Adams Elementary School and Kennedy Elementary School to help out. Last year was our first time doing Valentine’s for Veterans and we were excited to continue on the tradition by doing it again this year. We plan on making this a tradition at The Village and doing it each year. valentine's for veterans  

Adams Elementary

On February 9th, 2017, we showed up to Ms. Judd’s third grade class to get some help making valentine’s for veterans. We pulled out tons of colored paper, markers, scissors, crayons, coloring pages, and glue. We were amazed how quickly the kids got to work making valentine’s. Within a matter of minutes, we had over 40 colorful valentine cards from this third grade class! Each valentine was personalized to thank the veterans for all that they do. valentine's for veterans valentine's for veterans  

Kennedy Elementary

Our next stop was help from the fourth graders at Kennedy Elementary School on February 10th, 2017. After talking to the entire fourth grade, we divided them up into different classrooms and away they went making valentine’s. Within just an hour, we had over 100 valentine’s for the veterans! This fourth grade class was so creative and they had even personalized their valentine’s. They made their valentine’s so that they would pop out, were 3D or had various origami designs on them. All of these valentine’s were so fun and made the perfect gift for the veterans. valentine's day valentine's for veterans


Thank You Veterans

We were so amazed and grateful for the help from these third and fourth grade classes. We were able to hand deliver the 40 different valentine’s from the third grade class to the Outpatient Hospital in Pocatello. After gathering the 100 valentine’s we had from the fourth graders, we mailed these to the VA Hospital in Salt Lake City. Overall, we are so thankful for all of these valentine’s and the help we received from the third and fourth grade classes. We are especially grateful for all of the hard work these veterans have put in to protect our country. From everyone here at The Village, we just wanted to say thank you for all you do! valentine's for veterans